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As a technician, there are some key aspects that must be taken into consideration to ensure a satisfied orange-free client. Here’s what our tanning experts need you to know:

The initial color match is extremely important

Everyone’s undertone and skin type are unique; both factors should be considered when selecting the appropriate formulation for the client’s personal formula during an appointment. If you are currently spray tanning at a location with limited color options, you should reconsider; too dark of a solution can cause an orange hint to the skin because the contrast is so extreme. Imagine your luck shopping for foundation with only two-color options.

Using Professional Applied Solution

 A professional technician must prep the client prior to beginning the service. Properly applying a barrier cream and ph. spray are industry standard. It is necessary to balance the skin and to moisturize dryer regions of the body. Failing to properly prepare for this service can leave you with unsatisfying results such as patchiness, alligator skin and uneven fading.

Pro Tip: You can achieve depth in a spray tan without necessarily having to use a darker formula A natural looking tan will help to avoid a heavy contrast between a spray tan and natural tone.


The experience level of your technician a hundred percent of the time will make a difference in the results of your service. A trained professional will understand that over applying is a thing! It is extremely common for an inexperienced technician to over-apply. Initial application color is ONLY BRONZER and plays no part in how the color will develop. Too much solution can be detrimental to a spray tan and can lead to the terrible orange. The proper application is a studied technique. All technicians can agree that your application will also play a key role in avoiding an orange looking spray tan.

Important tip for Tanning at Home

DHA is the ingredient in all sunless bronzers that causes you to achieve your golden appearance. Many at home tanning products can be purchased at any drug store. Many of these self-tanners have an unknown amount of DHA which can be misleading or trail by error.

Pro Tip: it is highly recommended to consult with your tanning professional for the best after care product to maintain your shade desire.


A dissatisfied spray tan in most cases are from the results of user error, lack of proper product knowledge or questionable technique during application.

At Island Toned we understand that you can’t be a great technician without the proper education. Each product we source are handled ethically and sanitarily. In addition to a flawless application in your custom blended shade we leave you with guidelines to help maintain the longevity of your orange free tan. We are always happy to review any products and their key ingredients with you during a free phone consultation.

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