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Once upon a time before spray tanning became a part of my beauty regime I would spend most of my year reminiscing about the vacation glow I use to have. My naked truth? Small and large green veins traveling across my chest and inner arms down my thighs making their appearance as spider veins in a cocktail dress. My simple fix – a twenty minute organic aloe-based spray tan. Going for the glow and spray tanning as a lifestyle especially during special occasions is a a personal decision I decided for me because I enjoy my results. I embrace my winter tone just as much as my vacation appearance sometimes I just want to wear a glow in my cocktail dress. When my brides ask if they should consider spray tanning I ask them about the current condition of their skin. If they have concerns of skin blemishes or skin texture, wish for a more even appearance are intimidated by color choice what to say or what to expect I totally encourage the services. It is worth experiencing and deciding concluding a consultation. When you book a consultation, Island Toned offers guidelines that get your skin wedding day ready. If you haven’t ever met with a professional to improve the condition of your skin preparation for a wedding day is a great time to start.. Concluding a first-time consultation you can be your own decision maker. Island Toned brides agree that their spray tans totally enhanced their photos added great benefit to their skin and its condition. If you have never had a spray tan before and you are not sure what to expect you should 100% get in for a trial run before the big day. I recommend that you are coordinating your spray tan trial 2 days before your hair and makeup trial.  This way you have a complete look and the perfect makeup color already chosen before your wedding date and there is nothing to worry or stress over. It makes your life easier to have all of these details already worked out. If you have already had your hair and makeup trial or you are pressed for time then 2 weeks before the wedding works fine. It gives plenty of time for the tan to completely fade away in case it’s not your thing and if you do love it then there is enough time for you to get another one without layering new tan on top of old, ensuring that you are perfectly bronzed for the big day. Layer a fading tan with a fresh spray is not recommended for brides.

Pro Recommendations

  • You got sprayed 2 -3 days before your wedding date
  • You showered 2 times before your wedding date using a sulfate free shower wash
  • You went to an experienced spray tan artist who uses quality spray tan solution
  • Your Spray Tan Matches your Foundation

First Time Airbrush Tanning?

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