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The Safe Sun Advocate

Paige Catherine Leneski, 29

Physician Assistant Student

I was 25 years old when I was diagnosed with Melanoma, the deadliest form of Skin Cancer. I wish I could say that I was surprised but after years of tanning bed use and baking in the sun lathered in baby oil, it was no shock to me. I had a tanning salon membership to the “safest” and most expensive bed available, every year since I was 16. There is a misconception that tanning beds are a “safe tan”. The use of ANY tanning bed increases your risk of Melanoma by 59%! Melanoma killed 9,320 people last year alone and has drastically increased over the last 3 decades with the development of tanning beds! Even if you do not burn, the UV radiation from the tanning bed bulbs damages skin cell’s DNA leading to cancer. In addition to Melanoma, tanning bed use can also increase your chances of developing Basal Cell Carcinoma by 29% and Squamous Cell Carcinoma by 67%! Other than cancer, Indoor tanning causes collagen breakdown, leading to premature aging, wrinkles, and skin elasticity!

I am very fortunate that my Melanoma was caught at an early stage, however, I am left with a huge scar on my arm and constant reminder to be “sun safe”. I also have to see a Dermatologist every six months and have had multiple dysplastic moles (potential to turn into cancer) removed, which is very expensive and disfiguring!

I am now proud to say I am in Physician Assistant school at EVMS training to become a Dermatology PA. I now use lots of sunscreen and get a great spray tan from Island Toned! I Spray tanning is a great and safe way to get a healthy-looking glow year around without having to worry any damage to your skin.

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The Glowing Bride

Melissa Cooke, 31

Social Worker

As my wedding day approached I steadily became uneasy about my Casper looking complexion. Now I am Puerto Rican and Irish so I do tan well, but during the fall and winter months my tan fades fast. I needed some color for my November nuptials, but was scared of tanning beds and was leery about the dreaded spray tan “orange glow”. After doing a lot of research I found Island Toned and instantly loved the idea of safe, organic products tailored specifically to my skin. I figured it was worth a shot to try out a few months before the wedding to see if it was what I wanted for my big day. Coming from a makeup minimalist, (I’m talking only eyeliner, mascara and lipstick), I was in desperate need of a consultation appointment/trial well before the wedding. Dry? Oily? Undertones…..what? Yes, ladies I was clueless about what category I fell under for anything. Luckily the lovely Simone came to my rescue! My first appointment was awesome. From Simone’s easy going personality, to the “mini tent booth” and step by step account of the whole process, I was sold! It was awesome to feel involved in the whole process and treated like more than just a number. During the appointment I learned how to moisturize and properly care for my skin in order to maintain my tan. I booked my pre-wedding tan shortly after my engagement photos and all I can say was my tan was FLAWLESS on my wedding day. I felt so confident and beautiful! I can’t say enough about how awesome my experience has been. I would recommend Island Toned to anyone, especially if you’re an on-the- fence bride like I was.

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The Island Girl

Kristina Guzman, 26


I always had a tan year round because I am from Puerto Rico. When I moved to the United States I discovered that it was possible for me to have pale skin. I would dread the winter, not only because of the cold, but because without sunlight, it seemed as if the color be sucked the glow out of my complexion. I used a tanning bed once and had a horrible experience. Also I knew I didn’t want to harm my skin from the warning against the effect of tanning beds. I was skeptical at first about trying spray tans because I thought I would look orange if I ever got it done.

I’m so happy that I found Island Toned because it made me look like I was back living on an island. This team is is very professional and does a great job matching the correct color to your skin. I truly enjoyed my mobile spray tanning experience so much I signed up for a membership. It’s crazy how having a tan can make me feel more confident and all around make me a better person. Something about having a tan just makes me have a better mood, and thanks to Island Tone I never have to worry about being without my glow again.

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