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We use Beauty to inspire Unity

We are committed to delivering a feel-good experience that empowers our clients to boosts her self-confidence as we simultaneously encourage a community that is all about uplifting and serving one another. We find that our business is at its fullest potential when we actively contribute and collaborate with mission aligned local business that share similar passion.

What We Stand For:


The Beach! We care for our Beach Babes that reside in our Hampton Roads Community. Island Toned is committed to serving as a local dependable ethical sunless resource for years to come.


Sand means earth under the sun. We’ve committed to only carrying high performing naturally sourced ingredients. The integrity of our formulation and products make us always the healthiest option.


A bikini should be recognized as an emblem of freedom. Any chance you can slip into a bikini means you can finally relax and enjoy the good times ahead.


Ultimately the way we see it, we are all just shells on a beach of different shapes, sizes, colors and ages with our very own stories and origins. Island Toned sees and celebrates the beauty in every shell.

Taking the time to dote on yourself is more important than ever. According to the World Health Organization the number one cause of ill health globally is depression a lot of which is caused by anxiety. Our self-care and wellness movement for the lack of a better term is an essential effort in reminding our clients to make friends with others but most importantly themselves. If you are a local business or entrepreneur, please take a moment to say hi, we would love to hear from you! Please include anyway we can support your brand! We love creatives ☺

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Want to learn more about the benefits of airbrush spray tanning and what steps you can begin to take on your journey to healthy, glowing skin? Schedule a consultation with one of our tanning experts. They will help educate and guide you to the right routine that fits best for you and your lifestyle.


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