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Who are we?

Island Toned is for enhancing your complexion with a natural appearing spray tan that leaves you feeling confident, sexy, and vibrant.


We anticipate our clients’ dynamic and fast paced schedules by offering year-round mobile appointments. We even offer memberships to those looking to appear glowing and well-rested no matter how hectic life truly gets! We are proud to feature products that are certified vegan by Peta, fortified with naturally derived ingredients. Our products are free of parabens, gluten, eyrhrulose, added fragrance and mineral oils to ensure we keep both your skin’s radiance and health in mind.

Each product we apply are always handled ethically and sanitarily by a professional. Your solution is flawlessly applied in your personal custom blended shade(that you choose!). We really try to make the process an easy one, and we are always happy to review any products and their key ingredients with you prior to your session. In addition to our skin consultation, our services conclude with you feeling confident and educated on how to maintain the longevity of your tan!

See our ingredients list here for more information.

Schedule A Consultation

Want to learn more about the benefits of airbrush spray tanning and what steps you can begin to take on your journey to healthy, glowing skin? Schedule a consultation with one of our tanning experts. They will help educate and guide you to the right routine that fits best for you and your lifestyle.


There are a lot of things I love to do under the sun, and believe me… I love to be as sun kissed as the next girl. However, as a healthy skin advocate, I couldn’t help but feel guilty for knowingly abusing my skin laying under the sun and in the tanning beds. Spending over a decade in the cosmetic industry as a professional makeup artist and brand trainer taught me tons about maintaining external and internal balance for your best skin. I took this relevant information and my love for natural appearing makeup and created Island Toned. Island Toned Mobile Spray Tanning is for women like myself who have a desire to glow and appreciate the luxury and convenience of a mobile service. My hope is that my team is always able to make maintaining healthy self-care an easy, reliable and professional experience for you and your friends.

Meet Me in the Tropics!


Simone Sanders


Dear Glow Getter,

You’re probably the girl who’s always dragging her friends to try something new and crazy that makes them all smile and laugh!
You’re probably the girl who makes effort to work on her heart, body, mind and spirit.

You’re probably the girl who understands that personal self-care is essential.

You’re probably the girl who has the “play hard but work even harder” kind of spirit.

But most importantly, you’re probably the kind of girl who makes the effort to show up spray tanned. – because you know just how good a tan can make you feel and look.

If you are an influencer or past client working for the betterment of our community, we would love to help make you feel your best. Please send us an email with a brief description of your event with your social tags attached if you are looking to collab!

See Ya Around!
Island Toned

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