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The dreaded “orange” effect has stuck with the sunless tanning industry since its conception. As technology and products become more advanced, this issue began to decrease, however everyone remembers this unwanted color.

So why does spray tanning turn you orange? Typically, you will find this is caused because of user error. As a technician, there are some key aspects that must be taken into consideration to ensure an orange free tan.
Using the right solution: it is important that your technician, must fully understand the different skin tones and which solution works well with each. Everyone’s skin tone is different so a solution that works well on one person may not work well on another.

Island Toned understands that it is recommended to choose a solution close to the client’s natural skin tone. A more natural looking tan will help to avoid a heavy contrast between spray tan and natural tone. We understand that spraying a client with too dark of a solution can cause an orange hint to the skin because the contrast is so extreme. Other effects of a dark solution could include patchiness, alligator skin and uneven fading.

You can’t be a great technician without the proper education. Staying educated Keep up to date with your sunless brand we understand that in Virginia Beach there are a lot of locations to bronze but we made sure to offer the most color options.

The experience level of your technician at times can make a difference in the results of your service. A trained professional will understand that over applying is a thing! It is extremely common for an inexperienced technician to apply one coat of solution to the body and another and another thinking the one coat was not enough color. Big no no. Initial application color is ONLY BRONZER and plays no part in how the color will develop. Too much solution can be detrimental to a spray tan and can lead to the terrible orange. The proper application is a studied technique. All technicians can agree that your application will also play a key role in avoiding an orange looking spray tan. More specifically in those problem areas such as knees, elbows, hands, feet, ankles and so on. Our Technicians avoid heavy application on drier areas that are prone to product buildup. As extra precaution, we always take the essential steps and apply the proper prep product to our client such as pH balancing spray and barrier cream. Barrier cream should be applied to all dry areas so DHA penetration on the skin is minimal. PH balancing spray should be applied to the entire body to ensure a cleansed surface for solution application.

Most importantly using reputable product to maintence your tan is important.
Many at home tanning products can be purchased at any drug store. Many of these self-tanners have an unknown amount of DHA which can lead to over development.

It is important that you consider how you will maintain your tan if you fear going orange.

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