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Your natural beauty makes you a Gem. Shine Brighter

Undertone: Cool (Lavendar)
Pink | Red | Bluish
Pink or Beige Complexions
Blue or Purple Veins in the wrist
Skin reflects Yellow in natural sunlight
Burns in the Sun | Wears Pink based makeup
Looks Best in Silver Jewelry
Undertone: Neutral (Bronzite)

Peach | Beige| Olive
Olive or Brown Undertones
Blue green in the wrist
Skin reflects Green in natural sunlight
Tans but burns Occasionally
Wears shades away from yellow or pink

Undertone: Warm (Emerald)
Yellow | Peach | Golden
Green or Olive in Veins in the wrist
Skin reflects Blue in natural sunlight
Tans in the sun | Yellow based makeup
Looks Best in Gold Jewelry

Choosing an undertone

Prior to blending your custom blended spray tan your technician will select your shade range. This process will narrow down how dark the possibilities of your bronzer in your spray tan. We will not apply a shade that is unnatural. This chart describes general descriptions to determine if one or another undertone would be ideal for you. This process allows for in-depth spray tan customization and enables the technicians to color correct and compliment a your skin tone with a solution further than the primary choices this process is known as our Glow Technology the process of blending multiple formulas at the proper measurement while treating them with skin additives fortified with skin healing properties. Solutions containing different undertones allow the technician to customize a solution and choose one that will best fit the client’s skin tone. The most common undertones, or “base,” are greens and violets. These cosmetic bronzers act as a color guide for technicians during application as well as a temporary color for the customer as the tan develops. Solution undertones are affected by the cosmetic bronzer within the formula most cosmetic bronzer will wash off in the shower; however, it does have a staining power which tints the skin with the undertone used, violet or green is most common. This tint is only temporary and will gradually fade.

A green-based solution will help to counteract red color or cool undertones. A violet-based solution will help to neutralize yellow color or warm undertones. Both green-based and violet-based solutions will be complimentary to neutral undertones.

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