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Take a Bath

Yes, something as simple as taking a bath can be more than enough to take the solution off. Normally taking a warm bath will soften your skin’s top layer, which should cause the spray tan solution to fall right off. You can also use oil during your bathing session as it can speed up the whole process. Once you’ve bathed long enough, make sure you exfoliate thoroughly as well. Most tanning solutions stay in the top layer of your skin, which means if your top layer is loosened up, exfoliating should do the trick with the removing of the tanner.

Pro Tip: Remove the Spray Tan from Your Palms and Nails. Don’t forget to wipe off excess spray tan that is stuck around your nails and your palms by spraying Windex on a cotton ball or by using lime juice on a cotton ball.

Use Exfoliant Scrub 

As we already mentioned, spray tanning affects the top layer of your skin only, so the most efficient way to remove it is to scrub off the dead skin. We recommend trying out our natural scrub, with only four ingredients and oil free.  Formulated with high-quality sugar to clean pores and rid the face and skin of any blemish-causing dirt or oils, exposing the newer epidermal layer. The perfect before tan prep or for those times your skin needs a fresh start

Here’s how to do it in 3 quick steps:

  • Get in the shower and get your body wet.
  • Apply the exfoliant with a wash or without and rub it using your hand or a shower cloth.
  • Rinse off everything thoroughly

Use an Exfoliating Glove

Using this glove is pretty much the same as using an exfoliant scrub. You can also add soap or lemon juice to the whole process.

Here’s how to use an exfoliating glove:

  • Get in the shower and get wet.
  • Wet your exfoliating glove as well.
  • Rub off your tan with the glove. Optional: Add soap to speed up the process.
  • Use Baby Oil or Coconut

Using mineral oils or coconut remove the top layer of your dead skin.

Here’s how to remove spray tan from skin using baby oil:

  • warm the oil in the palms of your hands
  • apply to tanned area wait at least 10 minutes
  • exfoliate with a scrub
  • rinse

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