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If it were up to us, we’d insist that everyone gets a weekly spray tan in Virginia Beach. Not only is it a great way to treat yourself, but it gives you a bronzed glow and makes you look healthier, thinner and just more alive when you enjoy a mobile spray tan. In Virginia Beach we totally understand that not everyone has the time to get a spray tan by a professional every week. For this reason, many people turn to at-home self-tanner products. That is why we offer mobile spray tans. The Island Toned mobile spray tan experience is Awesome! We bring our portable mobile booth to each appointment which is like the width of a coffee table. It takes just under an hour for us to set up our studio custom- blend your personal shade, it takes just under an hour to apply your mobile spray tan.

Applying Tanner On Your Own Is Tricky But Doable

We have tons of clients who say we are the best spray tan in Virginia Beach.
It’s true that there are some rookie mistakes to be made when it comes to self-tanning, such as failing to exfoliate before you apply the product. However, if you take your time, work slowly and study up on the correct way to apple self-tanner, it’s totally possible to give yourself an at-home application.

It’s Probably Best To See A Pro Before A Huge Event

Just because it’s possible to fake salon results at-home doesn’t mean you shouldn’t experience the best spray tan in Virginia beach. Having your mobile spray tan applied by a professional ensures that not only will you have streak-free and natural results, but someone with a professional eye will pick out the perfect hue for your unique skin tone and can help advise your skin’s condition.

In our opinion, the best way to maintain a mobile spray tan glow is by using at-home products for regular maintenance, but visiting a professional before a big event or when you want a pro to pick the perfect color for you. Island Toned also offers memberships because we are the best spray tan in Virginia beach. When it comes down to it, a mix of DIY tanning and professional mobile spray tanning is the ultimate recipe for always looking like your best and most bronzed self while representing the best spray tan in virginia beach.

Do Sunless Products Help Maintain a Mobile Spray Tan?
Skincare is essential to a mobile spray tan. It plays a vital role in your skin’s function and appearance. Over-exfoliating is possible. Understanding your skin type is important to help realize how often to exfoliate. This will help your skin look its best and prevent unnecessary damage. This will improve the results of your mobile spray tan.
Is your skin is already damaged from over-exfoliation? Remember, your skin has a natural way of healing itself. However, there are always steps you can take to help. Moving forward, try using this guide to help heal your skin, or keep it looking healthy and bright.
Our mobile spray tan technicians avoid heavy application on drier areas that are prone to product buildup. It’s recommended to feather off in areas like ankles and wrists.
We are the best spray tan in Virginia Beach Using reputable product: We make sure our clients are using reputable at home products. We bring along our own mobile spray tan products. Many at home tanning products can be purchased at any drug store. Many of these self-tanners have an unknown amount of DHA which can lead to over development. We Provide our clients with alternatives that will be more beneficial and rather than detrimental. We offer a beach membership with a one-time enrollment for the year. We suggest signing up if you enjoy mobile spray tanning. Also It’s also a good idea to emphasizes the importance of proper products to maintain a mobile spray tan.

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