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Curious pregnant mothers looking to enhance their prenatal glow ask if mothers like them are spray tanning. At Island Toned we stand firmly beside our organic alternative for our sun lovers. Often times woman with a spray tanning regimen maintain their self-grooming schedule days until delivery. The Cosmetic Toiletry and Perfumery Association (CTPA) confirm that spray tan and self-tanning products are safe to use during pregnancy and breastfeeding (lactating mothers may choose to avoid the breast area during the breast-feeding stage). Although there are no known dangers of using tanning products, they can sometimes cause an allergic reaction, particularly during pregnancy when hormone levels are high, and skin becomes more sensitive. For anyone with a pre-existing condition or existing health concern, we do advise our pregnant clients to consult their doctors prior to starting a tanning regime. This is also a reason we suggest booking an appointment with a reputable business that properly sanitizes the product line well before the product expiration date. How a business manages organic product is important when considering the chemicals integrity on the skin. This is important especially when considering the skin of the pregnant. Island Toned is gluten free, mineral oil free, paraben free is 100% vegan certified organic that we customizable with moisturizing antioxidants Often times woman will spray tan before maternity shoot
During their pregnancy as a great way to enhance and correct hormonal blemishes.
The results in front of the camera are a sexy confident glowing momma, baby likes!

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