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Here are the best ways to manage those resilient hairs right before your next spray tan appointment.

Exfoliation all the way

When you are prepping for a spray tan appointment, no matter if you decide to wax or shave, exfoliation is essential to a flawless spray tan! Smooth exfoliated skin means properly conditioned skin which in turn will help you avoid those dry patches that usually lead to uneven spray tanning. You can easily achieve smooth skin by scrubbing the body with a sponge or brush while bathing. A wash cloth can even do the trick.

When to Schedule a Wax

If you decide to wax prior to receiving a spray tan, Island Toned recommends you have the service at least twenty-four hours before your spray tan appointment. Absolutely no “day of” waxing if you are scheduled for a spray tan later that day. You will want to give your skin time to recover from being waxed before having your tan done to avoid any risk of appearing uneven. Waxing opens up your pores; you want to avoid open pores when spray tanning as they leave may leave noticeable dark dots.

 Shave for your Hair Type: 

 Special Tip for Women with Light Hair

For the ladies with fair hair, you don’t have to worry too much about shaving restrictions. However, we still advise that you shave at least 8 hours before you scheduled appointment as a precaution. Shaving does more than just cut your hair; it also exfoliates the skin quite a bit. 

Special Tip for Women with Dark Hair

Persons with extremely coarse hair should shave at least the night before their appointment due to thicker follicles. This way the pores have a chance to close up prior to the session.  Having open pores while applying tanner leads to the exaggeration of the appearance and in some cases can leave notorious polka dots for certain skin types.

Pro Tip: We suggest you wait at least a few days after your spray tanning session before shaving as the tanner needs this time to set.

Use a new razor

No matter what use a new, clean razor! Chances are your old used razor is pretty dull and dirty. This means using it will most likely drag heavily on your skin and thus remove the tanner. Make sure you get a new one that will be able to smoothly glide over your skin without taking the spray tan with it.

Do It Lightly

While shaving, avoid pressing too hard. Otherwise, your razor will scrape off the tanning solution.

Never Use Shaving Foam while Spray Tanned

Shaving foam and other similar shaving products are usually packed with ingredients (like alcohol and heavy detergents) that can potentially damage your tan. It is absolutely necessary for you to use something that will act as shaving foam; try using conditioner or a shower gel as an alternative but make sure they don’t contain sulfate.

Don’t Shave Too Often

If it is possible, make sure you are not shaving on a daily basis. The more you shave, the faster your new spray-on tan will fade out!
Don’t Wax After

If you are spray tanned and plan on enjoying your tan do not wax after your session.


When it comes to eliminating body hair, it’s truly a matter of your personal experience and preference. If you struggle with textured skin such as “chicken skin” or suffer from habitual razor bumps, waxing could be a great alternative to shaving. Poor hair removal techniques can aggravate those conditions and a professional may be able to offer guidance for your particular concern which could reveal an imbalance in your body care routine.

Schedule A Consultation

Want to learn more about the benefits of airbrush spray tanning and what steps you can begin to take on your journey to healthy, glowing skin? Schedule a consultation with one of our tanning experts. They will help educate and guide you to the right routine that fits best for you and your lifestyle.


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